A customer review is a great way to show positive reviews and testimonials written by your clients:

Activate Customer Review 
Turn ON the campaign and click on the campaign to edit it according to your needs:

Basic Settings 

Notification URL - the URL you want the user visit after clicking on the notification. 
(Leave empty for no link/click).

 How many reviews to show? - how many reviews you want visitors to see.
You can select from 1-99.


Select if you want to show a notification on all website pages or on certain pages. Select the display trigger - on what event notification should show up. 


Select the position of the notification and display duration:


Select the title text color, description text color, background color and change the shape of the corners of the notification:


Collect customer reviews by sending them auto email review requests.

Select the conversion campaign and choose when you want to send email requests to customers (instantly or after x days). 
Best Case: Usually send an email a day after they received their order from your shop.

Now let's edit the email:

Click ‘Edit Email Request’ to setup email settings and customize it. Click ‘Submit’. Once new data received - a notification will be shown on your website. 

You can track the Data in your Funnel Base account. For this, click Data in the Customer Review campaign settings. 

Check the statistics by clicking on Show Campaign Statistics button.

Statistics is split into Notifications and Emails.

Under the Notifications tab you can find:

  • Impressions Graphic (How many times a notification was shown on your website).
  • Mouse Hovers (How many times visitors hover over your notification).
  • Clicks (How many times visitors clicked on your notification).

Under the Statistics tab you can find the Top Pages tab. It shows the most active pages on which notifications had the most activity.

Under Emails tab you can find:

  • Stats that show how many email review requests were sent.
  • Stats that show how many email review requests were opened.
  • Stats that show how many email review requests were submitted.